Season 03 Episode 04 of SO WHAT’S NEW? Podcast Released

Drop D Digital has just released SO WHATS NEW? Season 03 Episode 04 – a podcast compilation of recent tunes that were added to the Undiscovered Rock Radio’s playlists through out April & May of 2018. All tracks enjoyed a regular run in our New Releases and featured on various SO WHAT’S NEW shows every day at 1pm (AEST) before moving on to our regular playlists.

The show’s track listing is as follows:

THE GREAT DIVIDE (Rome, Italy) – Bone
PERFECT PILL (Budapest, Hungary) – Mission
GUEST DIRECTORS (Seattle, Washington, USA) – Day Follows Day
SPUN (Southend, UK) – Advertise Your Life
SUN DOG (Munich, Germany) – Blood
ENORMOUS LITTLE THINGS (Oneonta, New York, USA) – Black Black Blood
BETWEEN SUMMERS (Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil) – Microphone Boom
THE BLEEDING FLARES (Melbourne, Australia) – A Real Low Time
KAPTUR (St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada) – Pixel
HOA QUEEN (Lanmeur, France) – Lizzie
THE LOST END (Norman, Oklahoma, USA) – Self Control